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On 1/15/2011 7:54 PM, Carla & Dave Hicks wrote:
> Not trying to reopen the cell phone debates of a few years 
> back – but this really spoke to me.
> <<snip>>
> Have you changed?  Do you thing it is a good change?  Has 
> the very nature of Thru-Hiking changed?

I'm not sure if/that I've changed. If I have, it's towards 
be crotchety. I know without doubt that the nature of 
thru-hiking has changed...and, not towards what I consider 
better.  I hiked for a couple of weeks (I forget how long 
and I am disappointed in myself for not writing a trip 
report) this summer and was amazed at how things are done on 
the Trail these days. Calling for shuttles and rides, making 
reservations, ordering food, knowing where all the hikers 
around you are all day....  makes me scratch my head...and, 
my head wasn't itching.  And, it seems to me that there are 
places where you are never more than a Mark McGwire 
long-ball from a hostel.  (I chose "Mark McGwire long-ball" 
because he was hitting them back in the relic days of my 

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