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FWIW I wasn't taught map navigation in school. I didn't even learn it in Boy
Scouts (only belonged to the scouts one year). I learned it in the Army and
refined my skills on my own.

Kids are being taught how to find a book in the library but we aren't going
to libraries as much because you can find most of what you need to know on
your computer and save a trip to town. If you have a smart phone you can
look things up wherever you are.

It isn't about knowing less, it's that we know different things because
different things are important to us. It is important (IMO) if you are
hiking in unfamiliar territory that you should know basic navigation in case
your GPS batteries die but people went into the woods without map skills
before there were GPS units. That's not new and I've even heard some AT
thru-hikers argue that maps were unnecessary. The fact that some people
don't know some things that I consider important doesn't mean that humans in
general know less than in the past.

Jim Bullard

On Mon, Jan 17, 2011 at 11:06 AM, Tenacious Tanasi <
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> "Does more information mean we know less?"
> I have to whole heartedly agree with Jim B on this one.  We are becoming a
> society that is proficient in research tools and skills.  Rather than simply
> learning information we are learning how to find the information on hi tech
> tools because we are so bombarded by it the ocean of new information out
> there.
> I am also of the opinion that we are losing even basic research skills for
> manual research.  How many kids really know what the Dewey Decimal System
> is?  Could they find a book in a library?  Could they look at an atlas and
> find their way to a destination w/o On Star or Google Maps?
> Is it OK that we know less... perhaps in some situations.   But, we still
> need to be teaching our kids basic stuff for daily survival.  It can be a
> jungle out there on the streets... or the trails.  :)
> Tenacious Tanasi
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