[at-l] "The Way Back", a Peter Weir movie

Kathy Bilton kathy at fred.net
Fri Jan 21 10:48:22 CST 2011

Thanks you so much, Mara, for mentioning this new movie. I read that book 
decades ago and was always surprised that had not been made into a 
movie.  I've just added it to my Netflix queue - though it's not yet been 
released on DVD.

Just looked Rawicz up in WIkiPedia and at first thought there was no entry 
for him (As there was no disambiguation page for Rawicz - and it appeared 
there was just an article about a town).  Anyway - I see from 
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/S%C5%82awomir_Rawicz and links on that page 
that there's been a certain amount of controversy about the story.


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