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I read the book while in high school and was captured by the story. Many years later I decided to read it again and to my surprise found that it had been recently re-released and was easily obtainable. (That was not the case with a few others I tried to find after many years.)

During my thru I did work for stay at Zealand Falls Hut and saw a lady reading the book. I approached her and we had a long discussion about the story. She told me that her young daughter, a grade school attendee had told her about the book because her teacher was reading the book to the class during the semester, leaving out some of more violent descriptions. According to the lady the children had managed to get the address of Rawicz and made contact. Specifically the children wanted to send him some questions about his journey. He had agreed to respond.  I told the lady that I would like to have a copy of the questions and the answers. She took my address but I never heard from her.


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  "The Way Back" is the name of a movie based on Slavomir Rawicz' book, "The Long Walk, A True Story of a Trek to Freedom."  The book has long been an AT-L favorite so I'm hoping that with Peter Weir directing and National Geographic promoting it, it should be a good movie.

  Has anyone already seen the movie?  It came out in limited release in December but is just now being more widely distributed.

  How does the movie compare with the book?

  For those unfamiliar with the book, here's what I wrote to PCT-L six years ago:

  " "The Long Walk" ... is the incredible story of a Polish cavalry officer, caught between the two sides, who is caught by the Russians, put in the Gulag and force marched to Siberia where he and a few others escape by walking south through Siberia, the Gobi, and the Himalayas to India."  This took place during WWII.

  The Long Walk is one of the few books I've ever read more than once and certainly the only book I've ever read more than twice.



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