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Mon Jan 24 17:56:19 CST 2011

Hello friends,

As you already know, the PA Ruck is being held at Bears Den Hostel this coming weekend. 

I haven't bothered posting the usual information and donation updates because the past few years has proven that the same great people attend and bring the same great items. So why waste space and effort. And thank you by the way. 

While advocacy is the Ruck's goal...the gathering of friends is even more valuable. 

Whether or not you attend is your decision, but know that if you cannot attend, you will be missed - and you know who you are. When that door opens up at the hostel and I see you coming thru that door, I say to myself....gosh I'm so glad to see them. Each of you are unique and the diversity is gratifying. 

Myself, and Jim, appreciate all of you and your contributions to the previous Rucks. It doesn't end though. 

I also want to say that I appreciate the time and devotedness that some of you have offered in these past years donating items like the projection screen, your tuckerization skills, hiker bull session talks, wonderful baked goods, cases of soda, great back scratches, and the occasional hidden bottle of wine. 

So if we don't see you this year, it will be okay, we'll be okay--I'll be okay. It's just a little weird right now. 

I don't have any news about Ironmasters other than they are closing the upstairs. The dining room will become another bunk room, and the size of the structure usage will be greatly reduced. Yes, this means that there might not be another PA Ruck at that location, I'm not sure, Jim's not sure, we don't know too much just yet. 

Take care - and I'll see you when that door opens.


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