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I'll do some sectioning along the Pinhoti, perhaps with a BMT trip thrown in.  

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The list has been frightfully quiet.  Rucks?  Cold weather snugglin?  Facebook addictions?  Just what is it keeping folks from posting off the AT-L?
So, I thought I would ask everyone if they had any plans or even a wish list of hiking they would like to do in 2011.
Michael and I want to head west and visit the Grand Canyon and hopefully Zion National Park to see the beautiful rock formations and get a taste of hiking over yonder.  Of course it all depends on when/if we get pregnant this year.  Plans for hiking are kinda in a flex state due to that.  But, we want to be out there as much as possible.
Have you already been out hiking this year?  Tell us all about it!
Last weekend Michael and my best bud, Shane, headed up Mt LeConte via Alum Cave with over 22" at the summit and 6" in the parking lot.  I had a previously set appointment that I needed to keep.  But, I was so glad that I stayed after him to get some micro spikes as they served him well.  He only had one scary slip where he let go of his poles and grabbed the cable.  I'm so glad that I didn't see that!  There were also some huge icicles hanging from the overhangs.  One came loose as Michael was passing under and it hit him hard on his arm which he had flung over his head for protection.  Thank goodness for his
 quick reflexes!!!  
He called me from the summit to rub in just exactly what I was missing out on.  You could hear the awe in his voice as he described the cerulean skies with a few fluffy  yet crisply white clouds hanging languidly in the sky.  I posted a couple of the pics he sent me from his phone on fb.  I'll have to download the rest of them from his phone and post them for you too.  They are amazing.  
He told of his hands being so cold when he had to take his glove off to chip
 the tuna he'd taken for lunch into bite size pieces of tunacubes.  LOL  It was so cold that Shane's water froze on the way up!   Being so tense navigating the treacherous ice on the way down caused his back to hurt him quite badly.  Let's just say he was ever so glad to get home and climb into the hot tub with a cold one.  He said he was so cold he didn't think he'd ever thaw out again.  LOL
So... mischief planned or managed?  :)
 Tenacious Tanasi

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