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Good idea Sly, 
ALDHA member paid up for a couple more years.
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A few  people have been asking why the ALDHA Thru-hiker's Online 
Companion isn't  currently available.   As Companion Editor, I suggested 
to the  board that the Online Companion be a benefit of membership and 
only be  available to members of ALDHA, and that an $8 download be 
vailable to  non-members of ALDHA with proceeds split between the ATC and  

In favor for the most part, explaining and implementing some  of the 
technical issues, to the board, and the PA Ruck break, has slowed  actual 
implementation.  All this comes at a time when the website is  being 
upgraded and Paypal integration.  My original proposal and the  one I'd 
still like to see are...

$10 for ALDHA annual Membership  includes the online Companion (upon 
request) , a quarterly Newsletter and  the member Directory.  $8 instant 
download (or email attachment) to  non-members to be split equally 
between the ATC and ALDHA.

If you'd  like, let me know all your feelings, but please state whether 
you're  current ALDHA member, or  not.



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