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How and when do you decide when the board should or not should take 
action on it's own?  Should the membership approve each venue of the 
Gathering or is the membership going to trust judgment of those putting 
it together.

Over the years, I've heard it argued that we shouldn't be giving the 
Companion away for free.  I'd like to know how you determined having it 
available for free online sold more hard copies.  I do not believe any 
such facts concerning the Companion exist.  In the future a "Kindle" 
type version may be available to those that bought the hard copy, but if 
I'm not mistaken that's a decision for the ATC to make as Publisher.

As an ALDHA member you'll still be able to receive the Companion in PDF 
for free.

Over the years I've seen what happens to motions made on the floor.  
Most get tabled until they're forgotten about.  As Companion Editor, I 
thought of the idea, and was in the position to bring to the board, and 
I did.  I know "change" isn't in your vocabulary Jim, but this will not 
cost you, or any other member.  If anything, it's purpose is to increase 
membership and possibly increase revenue for both the ALDHA and the ATC, 
which in turn should help keep membership fees from increasing.


On 1/29/2011 11:58 AM, Jim and_or Ginny Owen wrote:
> There were good reasons for putting the Companion online.  It's good 
> advertising for both the book and the organization, and oddly enough, 
> having it freely available actually means selling more hard copies.  
> People get a chance to see what they're buying.
> My biggest issue with this is I think that making this kind of change 
> is something that should be discussed at an ALDHA meeting open to all 
> the membership
>  before being implemented.  Probably most people will go along with 
> the change, since the idea that offering a free version actually 
> increases sales is counter-intuitive, though it has been proved in the 
> publishing world, but it is still something that should be open to the 
> entire membership to decide.
> Ginny & Jim
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