[at-l] brownie companion

Tom McGinnis sloetoe at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 29 14:28:36 CST 2011

I think I got the better plate of brownies -- the ones with the added ingredient -- but I guess I missed where Alternative C was discussed -- the one where the current Companion is online for fee/members, and the decade-old version is on the ALDHA site for free.

For me (whose latest Companion sez "1997"), what I want is the nature of services available -- a rough idea. The particulars would be nice, but they'll come in time. (Like, "upon my arrival in town...")

If I'm planning something where the timing is crucial, or time is of the essence, or something else is at stake, then the $10 to re-up amounts to 4 gallons of gasoline, or 10 Liptons, or a pub cheeseburgher and a craft beer, or a small pizza, with the corrizo and bbq chicken and fresh jalapeno....... 

And if I'm just shopping, there's no material difference between the current year and the decade-old version that should sway anyone upon a review, from buying or not buying.

So -- rough idea, or shopping? Catch the oldie. Something material to decide? Cough up for the current version. But putting the online Companion back a few years would solve a lot of issues.

Now, back to those brownies....  

("Green" means so many things...")

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