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Meant2 Be,

I appreciate the comments and have considered everything you mentioned.  
No one is taking the free edition of ALDHA away, however it will b e 
free only to ALDHA members.  Sample pages will be available, that's the 
simplest of problems.

Without photos and links, here's a general idea of what I originally 
proposed to the board.   Hopefully, the formatting will be visable.  
Please note, along with Paypal integration, ALDHA is also starting a 
small store with unique, inexpensive gifts.  Once the bugs are ironed 
out, new member and non-member downloads should be instant.

Having 700 members and many non-members getting involved on how it 
should work could take years.  I've seen it just to get Paypal.   There 
comes a time when the general body needs to trust in those they voted 
for or appointed.

*Thru-hiker's /Online/ Companion now available to ALDHA members

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On 1/29/2011 4:01 PM, Ryan Crawford wrote:
> Sly,
> The one thing you do have to think about is appearance.  What does ALDHA
> want to look like to the general public.  The appearance that you sell to
> the general public can make you or break you.  It is the general public that
> decides each year whether they want to come out and hike/thru-hike on the
> AT.
> If you take the free version away from ALDHA site what does that leave ALDHA
> with for its message on promoting/educating the trail.  Right now the
> Companion shows a lot.
> You have a very static website that gets changed only occasionally, every
> 3-4 months if that often.  It's not a website that people come to all the
> time.  I've only been on the ALDHA website a couple of times in the past 2-3
> years, most of that right after Walkin' Jim died and then again when I saw
> the rumors posted of The Gathering coming back up north this year.
> If you make someone(non-member) have to be a paying member before they can
> get the downloadable version of the Companion could easily turn people
> future ALDHA members.    Is that what you want?
> Taking the Companion away could give a negative impression of things.  Study
> internet marketing and look at how they get people to pay obscene amounts of
> money for the junk they are selling online.  It comes down to marketing...to
> giving previews of most of the content so people know what they are buying.
> People will pay $97 and up for stinking infomercials because they get to
> listen to the infomercial for free for 48 hours after it happens.  Not only
> do the buy the mp3 download or cd/dvds of the infomercial but they turn
> around and buy the book/program that was being offered on the infomercial.
> All thanks to the 48 hour replay of the call.
> While I say everything I've said above I would have to agree that it does
> make sense to make it for members only.  Their should be some kind of option
> though that will allow a person to see what the Companion is and also see
> part of what ALDHA is about.  The Companion is a bit of an advertisement for
> Here's one suggestion Sly.  Take some pages from the prior Companion's and
> put them online.  Make sure to put a watermark diagonally across them that
> says "This information is not current, please check current Companion for
> updates."(or something along that same general wording)
> No, I'm not a current member of ALDHA and haven't been for the past couple
> of years now.  Heck other than a short hour long hike here a week or so ago
> I haven't did any hiking in almost two years now.
> GAME' 97
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