[at-l] On-line Companion

Ryan Crawford nayrdrofwarc at gmail.com
Sat Jan 29 17:15:37 CST 2011

I'll apologize for this reply long before it gets sent.  I'm typing this and 
doing research as the full concept is getting developed so this reply is 
being typed and retyped more than a dozen times in the past 30 minutes.

I missed the part on the sample pages still being included on the ALDHA 
site.  That is definitely needed.  Not an option.

One REAL SMALL bugaboo that I can see, otherwise I'm in agreement with the 
idea...and I haven't been an ALDHA member since '08.

In this era of rising inflation and shrinking paychecks people do and are 
going to continue doing whatever it takes to save a buck or two including 
foregoing ALDHA so they can get the Companion cheaper.

In doing a little looking at Google I just noticed by searching for 
'appalachian trail' that ALDHA is way down the list, probably 75-80.  Unless 
you are like me and have it show 100 results on each search page that means 
you will have to go through 7-8 pages before you even see ALDHA come up in 
the listings.  For 'long distance hiking' it was 13th with ALDHAWest coming 
up 9th.

What is an organization without members?  You need the members in the 
organization to keep the organization going in more ways than one.

Currently/in the past, I don't ???think??? you can/could order the Companion 
directly through the ALDHA site.  You have to go to the ATC to be able to 
get a hardcopy.  Correct?  The ATC has always taken care of the fulfillment 
of the Companion orders???

Now this idea gets deep and crazy with a few backdoor systems that would 
need developed.

Have the ATC directly link to the ALDHA page for the Companion.  All they 
have other than maybe a picture of the cover is the link to ALDHA.  Everyone 
must order their copy through ALDHA but...through the backdoor ordering 
system the order gets fulfilled by the ATC.  This forces people to come to 
the ALDHA website and helps drive more traffic to the ALDHA website giving 
ALDHA a bigger presence on the internet without having to rank higher in the 
search engines.

If people don't know ALDHA exists...they can't join.

By taking away the free version for everyone people that aren't already an 
ALDHA member have one less reason for coming to the ALDHA website and 
potentially becoming a member of ALDHA.  Force them to come to the website 
don't give them the option.  Design up the sales page to encourage them to 
look at the rest of the website and explore what ALDHA is about.

I do have admit, the last sentence or two(above) is pretty much garbage 
given what the ALDHA website looks like.  It does kinda remind me of another 
website I've did a little help with in the past.  Very staticky, it never 
changes much to encourage people to come back.  That may be one of the 
reasons it ranks low in the search results.  I would have to look at the 
site more to give a bit better feedback though.  It's been a month or two 
since I was last on the site. 

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