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Sat Jan 29 17:47:46 CST 2011

One reason the ALDHA website (homepage) may rank so low is that it has 
no description or keywords what so ever.  If you google "Thru-hikers 
Companion" the online Companion page is the first hit.   In the last 
year it had over 50,000 hits with 35,000 unique visitors.   That's the 
page that will have a sample of the Companion and a membership link to 
Paypal, along with a discounted price and instant download.

There is no need to have the ATC link to ALDHA.

On 1/29/2011 6:15 PM, Ryan Crawford wrote:
> I'll apologize for this reply long before it gets sent.  I'm typing this and
> doing research as the full concept is getting developed so this reply is
> being typed and retyped more than a dozen times in the past 30 minutes.
> I missed the part on the sample pages still being included on the ALDHA
> site.  That is definitely needed.  Not an option.
> One REAL SMALL bugaboo that I can see, otherwise I'm in agreement with the
> idea...and I haven't been an ALDHA member since '08.
> In this era of rising inflation and shrinking paychecks people do and are
> going to continue doing whatever it takes to save a buck or two including
> foregoing ALDHA so they can get the Companion cheaper.
> In doing a little looking at Google I just noticed by searching for
> 'appalachian trail' that ALDHA is way down the list, probably 75-80.  Unless
> you are like me and have it show 100 results on each search page that means
> you will have to go through 7-8 pages before you even see ALDHA come up in
> the listings.  For 'long distance hiking' it was 13th with ALDHAWest coming
> up 9th.
> What is an organization without members?  You need the members in the
> organization to keep the organization going in more ways than one.
> Currently/in the past, I don't ???think??? you can/could order the Companion
> directly through the ALDHA site.  You have to go to the ATC to be able to
> get a hardcopy.  Correct?  The ATC has always taken care of the fulfillment
> of the Companion orders???
> Now this idea gets deep and crazy with a few backdoor systems that would
> need developed.
> Have the ATC directly link to the ALDHA page for the Companion.  All they
> have other than maybe a picture of the cover is the link to ALDHA.  Everyone
> must order their copy through ALDHA but...through the backdoor ordering
> system the order gets fulfilled by the ATC.  This forces people to come to
> the ALDHA website and helps drive more traffic to the ALDHA website giving
> ALDHA a bigger presence on the internet without having to rank higher in the
> search engines.
> If people don't know ALDHA exists...they can't join.
> By taking away the free version for everyone people that aren't already an
> ALDHA member have one less reason for coming to the ALDHA website and
> potentially becoming a member of ALDHA.  Force them to come to the website
> don't give them the option.  Design up the sales page to encourage them to
> look at the rest of the website and explore what ALDHA is about.
> I do have admit, the last sentence or two(above) is pretty much garbage
> given what the ALDHA website looks like.  It does kinda remind me of another
> website I've did a little help with in the past.  Very staticky, it never
> changes much to encourage people to come back.  That may be one of the
> reasons it ranks low in the search results.  I would have to look at the
> site more to give a bit better feedback though.  It's been a month or two
> since I was last on the site.
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