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Cody Girl codycodygirl at gmail.com
Mon Jan 31 08:35:18 CST 2011

I had an email from a trail angel I met in Vermont asking me about the 4
state challenge this morning.  Since I was surely one of the slowest hikers
out there I can only say that I am vaguely aware of this, so I'm looking for
info to pass on.  I know it's the VA to PA stretch, to try and get it done
in 24 hours.  A hiker I had lunch with in HF was going back to the VA/WVA
state line to start by midnight that night, I saw in registers later he did
accomplish the feat.  I never saw that guy again, LOL!

Another hiker who was from Maryland told me a story of a trail race that a
Maryland hiking club oganizes.  He told me of starting before sunup and
water stops along the way, all the stuff I think of with a formal race.

Does anyone know anything about this race?  And if you did the 40 mile
challenge, would you mind if I refer this person to you with his questions?

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