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As for the four-state challenge..... I expect that you might find some entries at White Blaze about that.  Don't know much about it myself....except that I've heard it is something some thru-hikers take on as their own personal challenge ( a lot of over-testosteronization, I think).  

There is an organized hike from the PA/MD line to Harpers Ferry once every two years.....which is NOT the four-state challenge.  And it is not a race....though some do run it.  It is a hike as a personal challenge....to do 40 miles in one day....which necessitates starting in the dark of early morning and finishing before 8 pm as dusk falls.  It is a supported hike....that is, there are stops along the way manned by volunteers for food and necessary water, snacks, etc.....and there are places to leave the hike if it's too much, etc.  It is not advertised, and tries to keep itself below the radar, as it is filled early, and there is a cutoff both in numbers and in time. It is normally filled by this time of the year, though it occurs late in the spring. We try to keep it quiet.....as there is no lack of interest.

I expect that to set foot in 4-states within a 24 hour period is considerably more strenuous (as an unsupported hiker) than to do the Maryland hike.

If your trail-angel inquiry wants, I can forward their inquiry to the hike organizer.....but I will not post the link here, or anywhere. 


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