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that's great. The 'Sock is on my list of hikes to do.
Have you ever seen Lynne Whelden's film "Doc on the Sock?" That's what put it on my To do list.
In a month I'll be on the Cranbury Lake 50. Can't wait.

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Finally got around to doing the Loyalsock Trail... managed to talk a friend into it so we could set up a car drop. Otherwise you need to arrange a shuttle.
The trail is in north-central Pa, on the ridges paralleling the creek. Typical of Pa trails it's vertical from most of the road crossings and then flat along the ridges, so when it's hard it's a beast, but when it's easy it's VERY easy. Lots of waterfalls, good views if they're not hazed in.
Didn't see any bear or rattlesnakes, did see one porky and a few whitetail.  
Amazingly, end of June in Pa and the weather was low to mid 70's. A bit humid, but no where near as hot as I feared it would be.
Nice thing was, pack with five days of food and fuel (but no water) was less than 26 pounds :-)


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