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Hike on, Parapackers!


On Jul 4, 2011, at 9:20 PM, David Severance wrote:

> Headin SOBO July 28th from Katahdin with the 50 parapacers.  After the incident with Warren and the parapackers back In 81 the Baxter Park Authority finally agreed that parapackers are in fact not pets - a task made a bit more difficult by Little Hectos's propensity to bark at men in uniforms and especially those dressed as park rangers.  There will be no unusual descents from the knife edge this time.
> The MATC has said they will absolutely not ferry the 50 little parapackers across the Kennebec after Little Julian whittled an exquisite likeness of Ward Leonard in the ferryman's vintage Algonquin paddle in the mid 90's
> Milo's been working for days out back in the '57 IH bus  on a way to get the little fellas across safely, dehydrating fondue, and keepin the guys out of mischief.
> Look for the bus rollin up the ME turnpike in a few weeks !
> Milo Garcia and The Parapackers
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