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Tue Jul 5 08:17:35 CDT 2011

I respect all long distance hikers, and while walking from GA to ME is awesome, that in itself isn't a thru hike. ATC defines where the trail goes that year, and you follow it, or you don't. No conceit involved. It's like telling the IRS you only cheated a little....
You'd be amazed at what some people do and call it a Thru hike. 
I agree with Hike your own hike, but if you miss miles and miles of trail by blue blazing, it's not a "Thru hike". No conceit involved.   Hike your own hike and call it what you want. No matter what you do, someone on this list won't like it... It's the nature of the beast. 
 As for Earl, he is what he is... It was a different trail then.

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