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When I was shuttling thru-hikers, they all had consistency in one thing:  wherever I picked them up, I had to return them to the same exact point. 

Let me exaggerate.  

If I picked them up at the Trail Head coming out onto a forest road, they had to start exactly from that point that I dropped them off. 

Drop off point A. Continue at point A, not across the road, even though to cross the road was only 20 feet. Continue at Point A, then cross the road.  Got me ? 

The very first time I shuttled someone, I knew what the word purist meant. If you talk to Miss Janet, Trail Angel Mary, Dave Levy, Warren, etc. they'll tell you the same thing. Don't you ever drop the hikers off across the road...you take them right to the point you picked them up. You know and they know. It is a mutual non-spoken agreement. What a hiker does in the woods would be of his own judgment: it could be due to an array of problems: tick bites, injuries, weather, etc. The hiker may have blue-blazed but have possibly re-hiked it. Maybe they didn't. But they used common sense and their own judgment. 

I specifically remember several occasions where hikers on the AT and PCT both had to blue-blaze due to issues, in these instances their actions were justified and still considered a thru-hike. By whom?  Research it yourself, the information is out there. Each person's hike is unique where situations create a scenario that cannot and should never be judged by anyone other than the person hiking it. Period. Even though I-myself have stated in the past that I feel a blue-blazer is not a thru-hike, but later apologized and retracted my words. My idiot words of course because I was arguing with someone. 

Just like this list. :) 

The diversity of this list keeps it interesting. If we all agreed we'd be boring as hell and look elsewhere to advocate, educate piss, and complain. 

Love to all,

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