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Tue Jul 5 21:22:48 CDT 2011

No bacon is hell me man.  what's up with that... :(

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> As those at the Ruck know, I had some truck troubles on my way to Pine 
> Grove
> Friday. Universal joint went for its melodious squeak at low speeds to its 
> angry
> growling at 70. Had to have some love done on it in Chambersburg Monday. 
> Junker
> and his wife were stellar...stellar, I say...in their doling out of trail 
> magic.
> They put me up for the night on Sunday and fed me and toted me around and 
> found
> the mechanic to work on it for cheaper than it woulda cost me at home! So, 
> next
> time you see one of them, tell 'em thanks for being good folx.
> I now find myself in Baltimore at my sister's. I didn't know when she told 
> me
> she'd gone 'vegan' that it meant no bacon....can you imagine? NO BACON????
> Surely there're some frozen veal cutlets down there somewhere.
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