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Emma Gatewood was not the first woman to hike the AT in one year. It was the woman who later became known as Peace Pilgrim. She did it in 1952 as a flip-flop and was accompanied by a man who was not her husband-How scandalous! Grandma Gatewood hiked it in 1955.
Earl Schafer may not have been the first man to hike the AT in one year. Maybe it was a bunch of Boy Scouts or Gene Espy or maybe someone else. Myron Avery was the first to have  hiked the entire trail but not in one year. 
Some people hike the AT for the wilderness experience. Many of these people stay in lean-tos, hostels, and towns and carry electronic devices that enable them to stay in contact with “the real world”. 
Some people hike the AT as a continuous party. Some of them even remember what they did. 
Some people hike the AT as a vision quest or for the spiritual experience. Some of these people actually find what they are looking for.
Many people pass every white blaze as they hike the AT. Many do not. Each has a valid reason for doing what they do. 
Many people hike the AT passing every white blaze. They call themselves purists.
Some people pass every white blaze, sleeping out every night & hauling a backpack every step of the way. They are purists. 
Many people believe all of the crap they learned in school or by “the news”. Although I actually heard Dan Rather say at a lecture ”the news is what they don’t want you to know”.
Columbus did not discover America. Neither did Leif Ericson. It was discovered by a bunch of proto-Native Americans led by (translated from the native tongue) Juan Hong Low.
The earth is not flat, neither is it round. Actually it is an oblate spheroid. 
One of the above statements is not so.
Have great weekend & get out & hike or do some trail work.
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