[at-l] Updated link! (OT: Shuttle Atlantis, STS-135, pictures from July 8, 2011 launch)

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Sat Jul 9 14:47:56 CDT 2011

Sorry about the double link.  Here's the post with an updated link to my

One more off topic post...

Despite a lot of rain on the 7th and a less than great forecast, the shuttle
launch went off as planned yesterday.  I was on hand to see the launch as it
took off and disappeared into the clouds.

Here are some pictures from the launch and the 24 hours in Space View Park
leading up to the launch:


If anyone happened to be watching the launch on BBC, you might have seen me
interviewed live just a few minutes before the launch, not something I had
anticipated when I posted about taping the event two days ago.

Stitches, AT99

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