[at-l] Time wounds all heels

Cutter cutter78 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 10 11:33:34 CDT 2011

I completed a thru-hike of the Smokies Friday. Yesterday was spent in a
post-hike vegetative state.

Despite finishing the last mile in a driving downpour, it was a great hike,
but I'm disappointed in how my feet held up. On the first day I was
suffering from what appeared to be a bad case of plantar fasciitis. The pain
was so bad I thought I might have to abandon the hike just as it was

Thankfully, my feet strengthened over time and the pain mostly subsided, but
blisters on my toes became a continuous problem.

I was wearing a pair of Ecco Namco Mid GTX (with Superfeet Green insoles).
The shoes are a bit of a departure for me. I know trailrunners are often
recommended, but found that when I wore them I had ankle support problems.
The Eccos have even more ankle support than I was used to, and that was
welcome, but the other blisters were not an expected trade-off.

I think moisture control contributed to the problem. The shoes did not
breathe at all, and when it rained, it was like walking in a wet sponge.

So here's a question: Should I ditch the boots or can they be salvaged so
they don't tear up my feet?

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