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You just described all of NY.

I was so surprised when I got to Bear Mt and it was this gentle, mostly roadwalk up and gentle stairs down.

On Jul 20, 2011, at 4:11 PM, Ofahoma wrote:

> The thing I'll remember most about West Mt. is the almost straight down 
> rock scramble off that mountain to go on to Bear Mt. By then, my feet 
> and knees were killing me.
> That was all that damn Earl Schaffer's fault.  He did that!!!!!
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> Like. :-)On Jul 19, 2011 9:41 PM, "Cody Girl" 
> &lt;codycodygirl at gmail.com&gt; wrote:&gt; A year ago last night I was 
> camped at West Mtn shelter with my friend
> &gt; Beans.  We were both tenting behind the shelter there.  In the 
> middle of the
> &gt; night he called out for help, he couldn't get up because his legs 
> were
> &gt; cramping so bad.  His tent was one of those that opens up at the 
> head, so I
> &gt; helped him get out and we walked around in the dark about 2:00 in 
> the
> &gt; morning, admiring the view of the Hudson and NYC until he got to 
> feeling
> &gt; better.  And I had complained about hiking .6 off the trail to get 
> to the
> &gt; shelter!   Instead I wanted to stealth somewhere between there and 
> Bear
> &gt; Mtn.  That choice and his misfortune was my good luck, it was 
> really magical
> &gt; out there that night.   The next morning, thanks to a very slow 
> start, we
> &gt; were lucky enough to get our gear into the shelter just in time to 
> watch a
> &gt; massive storm roll across the valley and up the side of the 
> mountain.  After
> &gt; the storm cleared he set off to meet family and I set off for a 
> luxury zero
> &gt; at Fort Montgomery.   Dang I miss it all so much.
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