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This is one of the classics.  I'll have to get my copy out and re-read it (I 
may actually have more than one copy!!).  Thanks for the post!

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> Just finished a book called "Mountain Adventure, Exploring the Appalachian
> Trail" by Ron Fisher (Sam Abell photog) for National Geographic books,
> 1988.  One of my neighbors dropped by one day out of the blue and told me
> she had found this book laying around her house somewhere and thought I
> might enjoy it.  I DID!  How nice!
> The hiker models on the cover give me cause to chuckle, but the book is
> loaded with lots of great photos, as well as a decent narrative of the
> trail, nobo.  Some of the characters mentioned include people I've heard
> mentioned here by the folks on this list, so although I didn't have the
> pleasure to meet them in person, I am pleased to learn more of them and
> their contributions to the trail.  It also tells of sections that were 
> road
> walks at the time that are now trail through the woods.  Sweet!  The hike
> for the book was done in 1987 which was the AT's 50th birthday.
> Some of the pics I most enjoyed were:
> Myron Avery and his crew with his wheel, going up the boulder part of
> Katahdin.  Every time I see those pics I just shake my head with 
> amazement.
> Random hikers met on the trail.  The gear is way different, yet the faces
> are just the same as the ones I saw last year.
> Gene Espy in Damascus, looking just about the same as recent photos!
> A PA Army Nat'l Guard helicopter transporting a shelter built offsite by
> Blue Mountain Eagle Climbing Club.  I can't for the life of me figure out
> which shelter this is.  Cool picture.
> Puncheons
> The Whites in snow
> Shaws
> Climbing Katahdin
> And, there are also many views, wildlife, flowers, and forest photos as
> well.
> Anyway, I really enjoyed this book.  Thought you might too.
> Cody


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