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Wonder if you can get it on Kindle?  I too would like to offer a book recommendation. I just finished Winton Porter's book "Just Passin Through.". Not so much about the trail but about the people hiking the the trail and the strange tie that binds us together.  A good read, at least I thought so.


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> Just finished a book called "Mountain Adventure, Exploring the Appalachian Trail" by Ron Fisher (Sam Abell photog) for National Geographic books, 1988.  One of my neighbors dropped by one day out of the blue and told me she had found this book laying around her house somewhere and thought I might enjoy it.  I DID!  How nice! 
> The hiker models on the cover give me cause to chuckle, but the book is loaded with lots of great photos, as well as a decent narrative of the trail, nobo.  Some of the characters mentioned include people I've heard mentioned here by the folks on this list, so although I didn't have the pleasure to meet them in person, I am pleased to learn more of them and their contributions to the trail.  It also tells of sections that were road walks at the time that are now trail through the woods.  Sweet!  The hike for the book was done in 1987 which was the AT's 50th birthday. 
> Some of the pics I most enjoyed were:
> Myron Avery and his crew with his wheel, going up the boulder part of Katahdin.  Every time I see those pics I just shake my head with amazement.
> Random hikers met on the trail.  The gear is way different, yet the faces are just the same as the ones I saw last year.
> Gene Espy in Damascus, looking just about the same as recent photos!
> A PA Army Nat'l Guard helicopter transporting a shelter built offsite by Blue Mountain Eagle Climbing Club.  I can't for the life of me figure out which shelter this is.  Cool picture.
> Puncheons
> The Whites in snow
> Shaws
> Climbing Katahdin
> And, there are also many views, wildlife, flowers, and forest photos as well. 
> Anyway, I really enjoyed this book.  Thought you might too.
> Cody
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