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Craig Wickmann tech.mann at verizon.net
Thu Jul 28 20:32:40 CDT 2011

Hi all,

This coming week I am starting my third two-week trek on the AT in VA.  On my last trip I went from Waynesboro, VA (Rockfish Gap) to Snicker's Gap.  On the first trip, I started at Catawba, VA going north to Waynesboro.  I missed some areas that I am picking up before going back to finish the southern part of VA.  Here is my problem:  I will hopefully be arriving in Waynesboro on Thursday afternoon (Aug 4th.)  I need to get to Catawba (near Roanoke) to continue southbound.  Is there anybody on this list who lives in that area & could give me a ride?  Or does anyone know of any trail angles or volunteers?  I would be happy to make a generous donation for gas.  If I can't get a ride directly, if I could get to Charlottesville, I can catch a Greyhound bus to Roanoke.  Any help or suggestions would be helpful.

Craig -Old Crow-
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