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Robert Dudley greyowlvermont at live.com
Thu Jun 2 11:56:15 CDT 2011

Greetings from Vermont,

For some reason I was unsubscribed from this list.  At the time I was ill and did not do anything about it.  Now that it is June and I decided that it was time to subscribe to the list again.  The GMC ask that people do not hike the higher altitude trails until after the first of June to give them time to dry out.

I have been doing a vigorous walking schedule this year in preparation for the up coming hiking season; I just completed my millionth step for the year.  I hope that i would have completed the millionth step sooner, however I had surgery earlier this year.  I mentioned to a friend that I had an offended organ removed from my body and he asked me if it was my brain.  Actually not, it was my gall bladder.

I have been doing some hill work along with the walking.  Just across the border, in the lovely state of NY, there is a small state forest with a nice little trail that everyone calls the Snake Ridge Trail, the high point of the trail is 485 m or 1576 ft.  Following the tradition of the area, the climb is very gradual and then straight up, the last half of the trail runs along the ridge.  There are several other trails in the area with similar profiles which makes for a good workout.

In a few more weeks I will be hitting the LT/AT and I hope to send in trip reports.  Unfortunately I am old and slow and have a tendency to bitch.  The only thing that I hate more than going uphill is going downhill.


Bob in West Arlington, VT
aka Grey Owl
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