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This morning I excitedly read your post to Michael.  He knows just how envious I 
am of all of your travels.  :)  

Then he starts telling me of his trip out west and sights he had seen while 
there.  He said there was nothing as humbling as watching mammoth bison lumber 
slowly across the road in front of your suddenly smallish feeling vehicle.  LOL  
He told me that there are simply no words to correctly relate the vivid colors 
and unabashed beauty of the landscape.  He started listing off all of the places 
that he just has to take me.  I'm not sure we could have fit all of what he 
actually had had in mind for a simple 2 week vacation.  hehehe  

While he and I have put our trip out west for this year on hold for our son's 
arrival, now your post has brought it back up.  I'd love to use some of our 
maternity leave time to head over there, but then Mikah isn't due until October 
2nd.  (I expect to go early and think it will likely be mid-September.)  But, 
either way I think that far into the fall would put us into snowy season out 

You ARE going to share your photos, aren't you?!  :)))

Tenacious Tanasi 
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