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Thanks for the info, iceaxe!


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>  The Gull Pond Lodge in Rangeley Maine is closed indefinitely. Sobo hikers
> confirmed the place is empty.
> Phone calls are not answered to number 207-864-5563. Locals in Rangeley
> say Gull Pond is gone.
> I am not sure what is happening with maildrops since neither I or other
> hikers can reach the owner.
> The cheapest alternative I found was a "special" deal at the Town and Lake
> motel for $65 weekdays if
> they are not too busy. Rangeley Inn offers a 20% discount to AT hikers..
> regular rates are $99 per night.
> Hey, at least the soft serve ice cream at Frosty's shack is delicious!
> Anyhow, just passing on the word in
> case hikers are expecting to stay cheap in Rangeley. The next hostel is in
> Stratten 33 miles north.
> The Village Scrub Board laundry in Rangeley is hiker friendly and a great
> place to maybe get a hitch back
> to the trail.. no guarantee.
> Cheers-Iceaxe
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