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Tom McGinnis sloetoe at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 11 09:46:58 CDT 2011

Oops. Supposed to be list-directed...

--- On Sat, 6/11/11, Tom McGinnis <sloetoe at yahoo.com> wrote:
"Well, that's progress!"

Hope all continues well, Franko.
Hey! Any nightenwalken? Where's the mid-trip reports?

I'll bet this wetness (or have you had a drought there? Have I heard that?) plays hell wit'cha. Rain gives the stink more garden to grow in, drought gives it more soil. Ewwww, either way, sometimes. (I think the wet is worse, though.)

I've got to get out. I feel like a stranger here, looking in like an anthropologist at an alien culture... Great posts on AT-L of late. Wish I felt "qualified"....


--- On Sat, 6/11/11, Frank Looper <nightwalker.at at gmail.com> wrote:

I'm to the "stinks really bad" phase of
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