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In my extensive discussions w/ the USFS they are not saying there aren't any Mountain Lions in the east.  

What they are saying is there are no more of the sub-specie of “Eastern Mountain Lion” -- just as there are no more of the sub-specie of “Eastern Elk” (which is well documented, BTW).  

They claim these Mountain Lions are either escapees or part of small populations of the “Western” Mountain Lion found east of the Mississippi River or of the “Florida Panther” which migrate to fill a niche in the food chain. 

Having seen a partial eating deer carcass in the fork of a tree about 12 feet off the ground not far off the AT here in SWVA, I have no doubt there is something of the sort out there.

FWIIW, the USFS has a vested interest in it not being an endangered sub-specie.  Were that the finding that they were “Eastern” Mountain Lions, it would be an expensive issue with which to deal.  


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They keep saying there aren't any in the east. This one must be the figment of someones imagination...


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