[at-l] June 13, 2009

Allen Freeman allen at allenf.com
Sun Jun 12 21:51:11 CDT 2011

David Lesser Memorial Shelter to Crampton Gap Shelter

Saturday, 6/13

AT Miles = 19.7 / 1023.9
Other Miles = 1.2 / 38.7
Total Miles = 20.9 / 1061.6

Today was an awesome day. After feeling totally wrung out yesterday,
today I felt like I could fly down the trail. I think I was dehydrated
yesterday. I drank 3 quarts of water after getting to the shelter
yesterday afternoon, yet I still didn't have to get up even once
during the night. I always have to get up at least once, and sometimes
two or three times. So this morning I drank another couple of quarts
with breakfast, and my feet had wings.

Yesterday I hit the 1000 mile mark, and today I walked into Harpers
Ferry and stopped at ATC Headquarters, where they took my picture and
added it to the album of thru-hikers. I am either number 231 or 321; I
am really bad at remembering numbers like that. A number I do remember
is 162. There is a scale at the ATC, and that is what I now weigh,
including my hiking boots.

I also picked up my food drop at ATC, and I now have the biggest food
bag ever. It took some doing to even stuff all my food into the bag so
I could hang it tonight.

After finishing my business at ATC, I made one more stop in Harpers
Ferry for a big lunch, then proceeded across the bridge over the
Potomac River and into Maryland. So Virginia and West Virginia are
both now listory. Five states down, nine to go. And Maryland will be
gone in a couple of days!

I also stpped at the Edward Garvey Memorial Shelter this afternoon. I
had no reason to stop there, other than that it is the Edward Garvey
Memorial Shelter. If it weren't for Ed Garvey, I very well may not be
here to day. When I was in my teens I got Ed's book "Appalachian
Hiker: Adventure of a Lifetime," and I read and re-read it many times.
That book was a big part of what planted the seed that led me to this
hike all these years later.

So a full day, and with a lot of good emotions. And now I am going to
retreat to the sanctuary of my hammock, away from the mosquitos, and
read my book for a few minutes before falling asleep. Goodnight, all.

Allen Freeman
allen at allenf.com

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