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RockDancer rockdancer97 at comcast.net
Sun Jun 19 07:55:56 CDT 2011

Hi all,
One week from today I'll be hitting the road to hike the AT from Harpers
Ferry, heading north. Well, to be explicit my hike will start at Bears Den
Hostel, in order to pick up from my last position. This is the site, in
2008, of the "incident of the stolen boots".  I placed my dirty shoes in the
entrance way, respecting the hostel, and didn't expect they would be grabbed
by a trail low-life. The shoes weren't worth much but the orthotics cost $,
and besides it put a premature end to my hike. Mara (Stitches) got to see me
at my "best" sort of outrage. Trail Angel John came and picked us up at

So I'm starting at Snickers Gap and want to hike 6-8 weeks, perhaps as far
at the MA/VT border. I'll end sometime in August. Anyone know what's
happening with the Long Trail Festival? The site at
www.longtrailfestivalvt.com is stating that "Due to unforeseen
circumstances, we have had to cancel the Festival for 2011". I thought that
might make a good end point also. One advantage would be to catch a ride
south after the festival... to get back to my car.

Some of you know that I've been pretty ill for most of the past 2 years.
I've been on new meds since March and I've regained some fitness with a
combination of cycling, walking and more recently peak bagging in the
Whites. I'm not up to my regular fitness but I think I'll give this a try
rather than let the summer pass me by.

Some questions:
Anyone have experience carrying syringes & fluid meds on the trail? I think
I can rig up a toothbrush container to keep things from breaking. I plan to
carry out my medical trash but may have to search for places to dispose of
sharps/syringes when in towns.

Any ideas for getting back to HF? I expect there is still bus service from
Williamstown, MA and perhaps from Rt. 7 further north, perhaps as far as

I'm out of ideas for what else to write so I'll close & perhaps have some
questions later this week.

Felix, I guess this means I won't see Pilot this summer, sorry! 

--RockDancer (Arthur Gaudet)

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