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Date: June 22, 2011 10:38:13 PM EDT

High point of the day: Getting here....
Low point of the day: HOW I got here.....

Seems like not to long ago, when you flew anywhere, you could count on 
trouble at least once out of five trips. Not any more.  Now, it seems 
like it is every trip.  

We got a phone call this morning from Delta, my favorite airline (NOT) 
saying the initial leg of my trip had been delayed and that I might not 
make my connection in Memphis. They then proceeded to offer a round the 
world solution through DEE-troweet putting me in Newark at 4.30 pm 
instead of 12.30 pm for the initial plan.

My initial plan was to have time this afternoon to go through my stuff 
yet again, have a leisurely dinner then crash early for an early start 

So, here I sit 10.30. Oh well, Que sera sera....

I debated on sending anything today as it wasn't really a trail day but 
after going into and out of mid town Manhatten today, the traffic was 
as you might expect. Considering that I am from Mississippi where I saw 
more cars today than there are in the entire state, I found it pretty 
amazing. So, that is why I am posting tonight. We report amazing things 

So, how do you get that many cars, trucks (big one's too) and busses in 
a single spot, all moving at some rate of speed with no one hitting 
each other?  

Absolutely AMAZING!

See y'all up the trail!!!!


The Fat Man

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