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This first day went about like all first days for a section hiker. 
 About an hour in you start feeling muscles and joints that you forgot 
you have.  Then, the "THOUGHT" creeps in.  "There is no way your are 
going to be able to do this." Nothing to do but keep walking.

Started this AM at 7 after getting up at 5. Went thru gear again, 
repacked, dressed & out the door.  I had forgotten how hilly DWG is. 
 Crossed into NJ & this year's hike was on!  

Uneventful til Sunfish Pond. That thunder I had been hearing off in the 
distance caught up with me.  Heavy rain and thunder and lightening for 
about 20 minutes.  The pond was so foggy that you almost couldn't see 
it. I ducked under some rhododendrons and took a break. Watching the 
fog blow and swirll was spectacular.  

Almost built an entire new cairn for all the folks I had to remember.

One down side, there were no blueberries on the north side of the lake 
as I had been promised.  In fact, pretty much all of the berry bushes 
seem to be just now making. Oh well. No freebies this year.

Made the Mohican outdoor center just after noon and ate lunch there. 
 Took about Two hour break there.  Met Kenyan and Chufa (I think) who 
is getting off the trail due to injury. (Achilles problem).  Kenyan is 
from Atl and is thru hiking NOBO.

Left there a bit after 2 and got to Rattlesnake Spring campsite for the 
night.  As you may expect, I'm shot.

Time to read a bit then off to never never land.....


Fat Man

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