[at-l] Trail Day 2

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Fri Jun 24 19:04:24 CDT 2011

From: Gray Fowler <ofahoma at aol.com>
Sent: Fri, Jun 24, 2011 6:53 pm

Had a fitfull but otherwise good night sleep last night. Got me one of 
them new fangled blackbird hammocks from Warbonnet. And it performed 
well. Rained most of the night and I stayed high and dry.Even had a 
thunderstorm with heavy rain.Stayed on schedule with a 17.9 mile day 
today and caught up with what I believe is a thru hiker bubble.  These 
are all 20-something's who will leave me in the dust.  GAZELLES!Nothing 
truly remarkable to report today other than the sun came out briefly.  
That was nice as it warmed things up a bit as it has been chilly sine I 
have been here.  Certainly a big change from those 95 degree days we 
have been having in Mississippi. I think the rain is supposed to hang 
around a few more days.  Ugh!I have decided to change the name from New 
Jersey to New Rock-sey.  Has been tough on the feet but nothing I can't 
handle.Staying at Gren Anderson Shelter to night with sights set on 
Unionville tomorrow.  A 20 plus miler.  Then, I scale the mileage back. 
To make these old legs last.  Time to read a bit.  Then, it's lights 
The Fat Man
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