[at-l] Section hike 2011 Day 3

Felix J AThiker at smithville.net
Sun Jun 26 10:35:46 CDT 2011

On 6/26/2011 10:08 AM, Ofahoma wrote:
> There is a real temptation to play the hero and say that I came into
> camp on bloody stumps after my 20 miler today.  But, I can't.  I didn't
> make 20 but did make 18.5.  And no, I don't have bloody stumps. But,
> they felt like it.
> Today was a mixed bag. Started at Gren Anderson shelter in clothes that
> won't dry.  Two days of rain will do that.  So far, the only real pro
> lrm I am having with my feet is from being in wet shoes for so long.
> They are kinda tender.  No real blisters even for a tenderfoot section
> hiker.
> I slipped and fell on some slick rocks just outside of Rutherford
> Shelter.  Pinned my knee under me a d thought I was shot. But, to my
> amazement, all was ok.  All except for my hiking stick that also got
> caught up in the human avalanche and snapped in two.  Seeing as how
> this a family sort of publication,  I can't tell you what I said.
> This really threw me for a loop for a couple of hours.  Never know how
> important things are til they are taken from you.  Girly girl is
> working on the home front to get them replaced while I am still out.
> Still have the other and God has provided a nice replacement in the
> meantime. Not sure if it is poplar or elm but, it works fine for now.
> Got past High Point and got into the low lands where the trail is
> relatively free of those pesky rocks. But wouldn't you know it just
> about the time my shoes start to dry out, you have to walk through a
> bog or swamp or some other wet obstacle and the shoes would get soaked
> again.
> Seems that the Mayor's House shut down in Unionville, NY and the town
> has gotten an attitude about hikers. Hence my shortened day by 1 1/2
> miles.  Staying at the "Secret Shelter" with the same group I have been
> with the past days.  There is: Drum Solo from State College, Pa, Kenyan
> from Atl, Poncho Verde&  Vinka from NC, and Wolfpack from Raleigh, NC.
> To close out today's mixed bag, saw a deer run past my hammock and at
> dusk, a 300 or so pound bear mosied along the upper reaches of the
> pasture

And, there are several VERY good lessons from all of this:
1. Things usually work out.
2. You can generally do something if you really want.
3. Things are rarely as bad as they may seem at the time.
4. Ice cream is good.

Felix J. McGillicuddy
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