[at-l] 2011 Section Hike - Day 4

Ofahoma ofahoma at aol.com
Sun Jun 26 20:24:57 CDT 2011

Well on the AT, there's that old saying that what goes down must come 
back up.  Yesterday, I missed my mark by a mile and a half. So, to get 
back on schedule, I turned a planned 16.9 mile day into an 18.4 mile 
day. Thank God that tomorrow is only 12.0 miles. My feet really need a 

Today I crossed Pochuck Mt. with an elevation change of 575 feet then 
for good measure crossed Waywayanda Mt with an elevation change of 900 
feet.  Plus countless other "PUD's  (Pointless Up's & Down's) This in 
11 hours plus of hiking.

Didn't see a bear today but was awakened by a gobbling turkey!  Cool!
Please pass the dressin and gravy!

Night y'all!
The Fat Man

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