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Still not booked a summer holiday? Bored of sitting on the beach reading a good book to the sound of gently breaking waves? Fancy something a little different, a little more adventurous? How’s about nudist hiking in Germany?

Worldcrunch, a new global-news site that translates underreported stories in foreign languages into English, has flagged up the surge in interest in nudist hiking first reported by German newspaper Tages Anzeiger.

Germany’s first nudist hiking trail opened in Dankerode in May last year and it’s been an instant hit and even won the approval of the local mayor, who is keen to attract more tourists.

“We are careful,” a hiker told Tages Anzeiger, and noted that when he came across a group of people celebrating a religious service in a field he “conscientiously” hid his privates with a scarf, something he carries for just such occasions. “You quickly wrap it around yourself and all conflict is avoided” the hiker said.

But there are a few raining on the nude hiking parade: “The brains behind the endeavour is a nearby campsite owner who had hoped the novel trail would bring him more paying guests … Integrating the naturist trail and the family-oriented campsite proved more difficult than anticipated for the owner, whose initial enthusiasm soon gave way to concern. Instead of trying to draw nude hikers as customers, he found himself telling them to give his campsite a wide berth.”

“Even among backers of the birthday-suit lifestyle, nude hiking can be a prickly issue. The president of the German naturists’ association called naked hikers ‘neurotics and psychopaths.’” Assuming Wordcrunch hasn’t goofed on the translation that’s a pretty damning verdict.


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