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RockDancer rockdancer97 at comcast.net
Thu Jun 30 07:40:28 CDT 2011

My 2-day from Bear's Den to Harpers went fine this week. I head out this morning from Harpers Ferry, heading north with the pack. The AT office here had 30 hikers visit before noon on Wednesday. Peter Pan is in his element, greeting, explaining, helping and photographing one and all. I am section hiker #149 for the year.

Redwing is working at Bears Den, I last saw him & wife (sorry forgot name) in 2006 when they were caring for the Blackburn Center. Even thought the hostel was closed mid-day he sat with me as I repacked for my hike & we talked trail gossip for awhile.

Mountain Squid is out helping hikers, he was at the crossing before the climb out of Snickers Gap (rt. 7 I believe). We talked about doing co-trail-magic one summer at Crawford Notch, neither one of could remember the year. Squid will travel north with the pack, to PA, before he has to return to TN.

The rest of Tuesday was a hot, soggy, sweaty hike. I enjoyed it. Blackburn had 18 hikers that night; we all got pasta, soda and hot brownies - my first time staying at Blackburn over all the years. It's pretty nice! All for a donation.

I was called an old man on the trail that day. As in "Thirsty Boots was talking to an old man but later she caught up to us..." Nothing disrespectful, but "old man" - I wasn't ready for it.

The 12 miles to Harpers on Wednesday was quicker, cooler and uneventful. The old man got out early, before 7 AM and somewhere near Keys Gap the dozen or so nobos came by. I had a nap at the picnic table (old men do that) and still got to the office by 3 pm.

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