[at-l] Fontana to Davenport Gap

Tom Fort tom at tjfort.net
Thu Jun 30 15:52:24 CDT 2011

  was trying to remember when I stayed there.  and, damn...  It was 
'91.  20 years ago!    Time sure flies.  I beleive it came down shortly 
after.    It was a really cool shelter; built into the hill.  the 
entire back wall was dirt.    I guess it didn't meet the park's 
esthetic standards. 

I use to hike a lot in the winter.  There is always the probability of 
a winter storm.  I've holed up several times in smokies' shelters. 

Quoting Cody Girl :

       haha!  Me too!  I miss it so much. I'm at work so couldn't 
upload your link, but my TJ tells me it was Birch Spring Gap.  And 
you're right, it was a nice place. Didn't know there was ever a shelter 
there.   Iced in?  Brrrrrrrrrr. 

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