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On 6/30/2011 10:28 PM, Cutter wrote:
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>     The day got even weirder after that!
> I think you made up that last sentence. You already had 
> your full quota of weird for the day by then.

So, I get to the 'old house' (where John used to live...with 
his soon-to-be-ex wife...but, he had lived there with a 
previous wife...so, the soon-to-be-ex wife wanted to build a 
new house...and, they did....and, now, the 
soon-to-be-ex-wife lives in that old house again...by 
herself....funny how life works out, isn't it?) where I run 
into an extremely odd old fella we have...hmmm...working?? 
(that just doesn't seem to fit)...an old guy who shows up 
and is sort of in the way and makes things more difficult to 
do...yet, he gets a paycheck.  hey says "Elaine wants that 
big tree out of that room! But, there's rocks and water and 
stuff in it and I can't move it!"  So, another 
guy...Tony...T-Bone...T.... shows up and I have him help me 
with this palm tree. It's all shriveled and brown (though, 
there are some new fronds). So, T and I wrestle around with 
this thing...and, it's winning, for the most part.  Since 
the thing was looking so rough and we knew Elaine wanted it 
out of there, we got to a point where we weren't being very 
careful with it. It was a two-trunker...and, by the time we 
got it out, we had broken the foliage off both trunks. Not 
what we wanted to do...but, the way it turned out. so, the 
thing is sitting on the deck...just two trunks...and, the 
old man comes up with this terrified look on his face and 
said "What are we gonna do?? Elaine said she wants to keep 
that one!!"  I looked at T and said "That would have been a 
nice piece of information to have"
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