[at-l] White Mountains, chocolate, and New Jersey

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Wed Mar 2 00:45:27 CST 2011

I've spent a total of about a month in the Whites this winter.  Today was a
rare cloudless day so as I was leaving the area, I stopped to take some

You can see one of Mt. Washington and another of the Swift River along the
Kancamagus at:


<http://friends.backcountry.net/m_factor/WhiteMountainsPhotos.html>I was up
this past weekend for the Chocolate Festival.  It's a yearly festival where
you ski from place to place, usually inns, restaurants, and other stores,
and eat chocolate.  The offerings run the gamut from chocolate fondue to
chocolate covered bacon, cupcakes flavored to pair with beer or liqueur,
brownie sundaes, and even more simple options like chocolate covered raisins
or Lindor truffles.  In any case, it's delicious and relatively guilt free
if you ski or snowshoe from place to place.  Of course, it is possible to
drive, too.

Along the way, I stopped to wait for the rest of my group to catch up and
recognized a bandana on a passing skier.  I called out and sure enough, it
was a thruhiker wearing an Antigravitygear mapdana.  Her name was Spitfire
and she hiked in 2005.  I also ran into someone who recognized me from swing
dancing in Seattle many years ago.  Small world.

So, I'll soon be heading to New Jersey to housesit in Teaneck for a month.
 Anyone have any suggestions for things to do and/or see while there?  NJ
Ruck anyone?

Stitches, AT99

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