[at-l] Eastern Cougar Now Extinct

South Walker southwalker at windstream.net
Wed Mar 2 21:42:59 CST 2011

They should spend some time where I live.

Maybe what people have reported seeing - I also saw "something"-  wasn't an eastern cat, but it was something other than a super large house cat or a bob-cat. Black, long tail and able to cover a couple of hundred yards in a fast run without stopping.  The  people that got a set of good binoculars on it said it had green eyes.

Most recent sighting of "something" was 2 nights ago. This large cat was more yellow which would make me think bob-cat but it had a long tail. The man that saw it was checking cows behind our house about 11:00 pm.

Who Knows? Maybe The Shadow knows.


Usually, its that 1% of a group that makes the other 99% look bad except for lawyers and politicians, where the reverse is true.

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  I guess it's official...

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