[at-l] Eastern Cougar Now Extinct

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A few years ago, I saw partially eaten deer carcass 12-14 feet up in the fork of a tree along the Va-WVa  line.

FWIIW, declaring them extinct frees the government from speeding money on more studies and/or on  efforts to protect them.  Doesn't mean that they aren’t extinct.  Doesn’t mean that there are not something filling in an environmental vacuum.  

However, there are some big cats still here in the east and it is to the agencies advantage to close any “endangered” possibility.    

OTOH, it is hard to prove a negative and they may just be extinct.


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They should spend some time where I live.

Maybe what people have reported seeing - I also saw "something"-  wasn't an eastern cat, but it was something other than a super large house cat or a bob-cat. Black, long tail and able to cover a couple of hundred yards in a fast run without stopping.  The  people that got a set of good binoculars on it said it had green eyes.

Most recent sighting of "something" was 2 nights ago. This large cat was more yellow which would make me think bob-cat but it had a long tail. The man that saw it was checking cows behind our house about 11:00 pm.

Who Knows? Maybe The Shadow knows.


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  I guess it's official...

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