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Both obits, real and contrived, are tragedies.  Somewhere in between lies reason, preparation and responsibility.

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> Date: Wednesday, March 2, 2011, 2:17 PM
> "Free skier" Ryan Hawks, age 25, died
> Tuesday in California from injuries suffered while
> attempting a backflip off of a 40' drop. (News item very
> Google-able.) One of the comments left at Yahoo! News was to
> the effect "Ha! Another Darwin Moment!" It brought the
> following awesome response from one "John Galt" (*another
> name that's very Google-able):
>   I suppose it would have been better if this article
> said that "Ryan
>   Hawks, age 65, slumped over at his desk and died in
> his cubicle after
>   40 years of faithful service to Acme Incorporated.
> He was just five
>   years away from a meager pension that would have
> allowed him to eke
>   out his sunset years living like a dog. He leaves
> behind a wife who
>   hasn't slept with him in 20 years and a couple of
> kids who were too
>   busy with their own problems to care about what he
> was doing."
>   How's that for Evolution, Mr. Darwin?
>   There are many ways to spend this gift called life.
> A 40 foot
>   backflip is one of the better ones in my book. RIP
> Ryan.
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