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That's interesting. I've put my AT thru-hike on every resume I've submitted, and I have yet to show up at an interview where the interviewer doesn't begin by saying, "Wow, did you *really* hike the whole trail?"
The ability to thru-hike says a lot about your determination, tenacity, ability to make a plan and stick to it, etc.--lots of things employers look for in a job candidate. Of course, you'll have to reassure them that you aren't going to up and leave after a year or two so you can go hike again ... :-)


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I am so glad I kept a journal because it's getting to the point where I just talk to myself about last year's hike!  Seriously. 
Today I had an interview with a recruiter which hopefully will lead to a job eventually.  I cannot tell you how I agonized over whether or not to put AT thru hike on my resume.  How else to explain what is well over a year, almost 2 now, of unemployment.  And all those great qualities!   Talk about goal oriented! 
LOL!  It started out as 5 lines of valuable real estate on the resume.  I narrowed it down to three.  Today, the recruiter told me to toss it, no one cares.  If they want to know what I've been doing the last 19 months they should ask me during an interview.  At that point I can tell my story "with passion" like I told the guy today.  That's what he said anyway.  I'm not quite as passionate about accounting, LOL! 
I don't think my mom ever got around to looking at the pics, sigh.  Even my mom has lost interest!  I can't complain tho, she dogsat and handled just about everything logistical for me.  She did her part for which I am forever grateful.  Still, I sure am glad I'm on this list and that sometimes stuff like this comes up.  

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	I read a blog post today at "The Art of Non-Conformity" that struck a chord (la la la) regarding coming back home after a hike:


	Homecoming and the Adventure Detox <http://chrisguillebeau.com/3x5/homecoming-and-the-adventure-detox/> 


	Just another reason I love my hiker friends.



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