[at-l] lightning fatalities per capita

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All I know is that when the lightning storms start in Florida, it's time to get under a roof (and I don't mean a tent roof).  Fortunately, most of our lightning occurs in the summer, when it's too hot/humid to be out camping.  Summer t'storms tend to build during the day, with the peak time for them to hit being about 2:00-6:00 p.m.  The weird strikes are people hit miles away from the storm clouds.  

Joan-- in the nation's lightning capitol

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I asked about diffing options of hiking out west, and got one particular 
arning/reminder about lightning. (If you recall my 18th Birthday story, 
ightning really, ah, sparks my interest.) So I checked out the offered concern 
"Colorado is nasty!") and found it ranked 8th. Hmmmm. Florida (no surprise) is 
ay-first, but then Michigan is second. ("Huh?") But how many people are 
vailable to be hit?!? Fla, Mich, vs. CO??? Having spent the day doing 
acroeconomic research, I wondered if this is available on a per capita basis.
Interesting stuff!
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