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I received this from Laces today; thought the rest of you might want the
news. -Arthur RockDancer



Hello hikers, I thought folks who remember Pastor Karen from their thrus
would appreciate knowing this. 


happy trails,



At the end of the month, Rev. Karen Nickels will be retiring after running
the Church of the Mountain Hostel in Delaware Water Gap, PA since 1988.  


The hostel, which was recently refurbished, will continue after she leaves,
but her name has long been synonymous with the hostel. I don't know of a
anyone along the Trail today who has continuously assisted hikers, day in
and day in out, year after year, for as long as she has.   


I understand she has also hosted ridgerunners, and has been a very helpful
resource to ATC when we were dealing with a missing hiker, emergency
notification, BOLOs, etc. 


Her personal address, where she'd like any correspondence sent, is:


Karen Nickels

P.O. Box 665

Delaware Water Gap, PA 18327


After the end of the month,  she can be reached via email at
<mailto:Gapkaren at verizon.net> Gapkaren at verizon.net .


I'm sure Karen would deeply appreciate cards from hikers who stayed there or
otherwise benefitted from her hiker ministry. I'll work on starting a card
from HQ.


- Laurie



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