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Mon Mar 21 13:09:55 CDT 2011

Here in Florida, it's been a big year for FT thru-hikers.  A couple were planning to hike up through Alabama to the AT and then to maybe the IAT.  We might be reaching critical mass (whatever that means for hikers on a trail).  

I was hiking after work 4 days last week and then longer hikes on the weekend.  It's about to get to the tipping point for hot, however.  Days this week are heading to the upper 80's.  Wild iris are in bloom now, and this evening I'll search one stretch of the FT to see if the lupine are blooming; it's about time for lupine.

Best of all, this winter trail workers have built the FT through the new Charles Bronson State Forest.  This eliminates a 14-mile road walk and gets the hikers into the woods instead.  Biologists have confirmed a PANTHER track in the Chrles Bronson State Forest!  Just hope I get to see one in the wild someday.

Joan in Oviedo (an FT trail town)  
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